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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Caty's First Field Trip

Caty's preschool class went on a field trip to the Folsom Zoo today. Of course I went with her and I plan to attend all of the other field trips. We road over with her friends Hayden and Oliver and their mom Jan. Caty had a blast with them in the car - she's never ridden in the car with other kids, so this was a treat.

The kids had to wear matching shirts so the teachers could keep track of all of them. Let's just that Caty's was a tad too big!! The director has ordered another one for her, in the smallest size they come, but it hasn't arrived yet, so we made due with the one they gave us. Since they will need this one back, I couldn't chop it off and hem it, so a safety pin here and another there, okay I think I used 8 total, and it bunched up on the side with a rubber band, she would make it through today with it.
Caitlyn was so cute walking in line with her friends and following the teachers here and there. A few times her teachers just picked her right up and held her so she could see the animals. I tried to stay at the back of the group, as I had brought her stroller incase she tired out, which toward the end she did. Boy am I glad that I had the stroller or else I would have been carrying her along with our other things. If nothing else, the stroller is good to hold stuff.

We have never been to the Folsom Zoo before and I didn't know much about it. Come to find out it's a sanctuary for animals who are non-releasable back into the wild. Some of the different animals we saw were - bears, wolves, red tailed hawks, raccoon, cougars, tigers, and a few more.

After lunch, we stopped at McDonald's and the kids had fun playing together. Caty was pretty tired when we got home, so she took a good nap, yippee for me!

Enjoy the video!


Alex said...

looks like she had tons of fun!! The picture with the tee-shirt being too big is priceless! What a cutie!

Kim said...

Love the t-shirt picture. SO cute. SHe is really falling into the groove of preschool-I am so happy to hear her field trip was a success. She looks as if she had a great time with that megawatt smile on her face the whole time!

Lisa said...

Well, looks like she's got a new nightie with the T-shirt. We had our first fieldtrip too and it sounds like yours was a blast! That's just great. Yay!

Destini said...

What a great slideshow and fieldtrip! Caty is too cute for words!

Tonya said...

How proud she looks!! I am glad to hear her teachers were perceptive to her needs! It makes me feel better about things, you know. That they won't get lost in the shuffle! Glad Caty had a great 1st field trip!

Monica Hagen said...

That was way too cute. The smile on her face says it all.

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