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Monday, June 9, 2008

You're All In Trouble

So this morning I figured out that there are sites out there that supply me with an endless supply of layouts for my blog. Trust me, I will be changing the layout ALL THE TIME! I love to have new looks on my page. If you've been to my MySpace page, then you will know that I like variety and change the look often.

Hope that you have a great day! I know that I will.


The A Team said...

this is a great website for backgrounds too...

plus, it tells how to do it on the side. the first time i changed my background i deleted everything, this one shows how to just change the link, which makes it a lot easier!! p.s. caitlyn is adorable!

aya nadler said...

Hey Jamie , i am so happy i looked in my yahoo email and saw you have a blog, i added you to my favs.
Caitlyn looks great , and i hope one day her and eden can meet. Eden still has no diagnosisss but i can of dont care for that at this point, shes doing great and i have to see what school to put her in, in oct. we see the ortho to see when will surgery be needed.
well take care aya
p.s: u can see some videos of her here:

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