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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

What Happens At Bedtime?

Bedtime can be an interesting time for Caitlyn. She has no problem with being in her bed, it's what happens when the lights are off and the door is closed that cracks us up! She will sometimes spend an hour talking, singing, counting, you name it.

So I was taking some video's of Caty one day, and in between singing songs, I asked her what she does at bed time. We started in the living room and with the second video we ended up in her room. Scott and I can hear most of the things that she does while she is SUPPOSED to be falling asleep, but it was funny to actually see her show me. Enjoy!

Now come into her room and see what happens:


Jennifer said...

Oh Caitlyn! What a character. You are just too darn cute!

Caden's Story said...

What a delight! Caitlyn is so darn cute! and very active :-)

Destini said...

That is priceless! Caitlyn is hilarious, and has so much energy - I'm sure that you just collapse in your bed after chasing her around all day!

Katie said...

She is too funny!!! What a little joker she is. Caitlyn is such a cutie patootie!!!

Kim said...

Wow! Is she adorable or what? Just a little ball of energy! She is so cute

TheFiveDays said...

She is so cute!! I've never heard her talk so much, she's really growing up Jaime!!

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