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Monday, June 23, 2008

Paisley Party Concert

I just experienced one of the best concerts in my life! If you read my previous post you'll already know that I went and saw Brad Paisley this past Saturday. My childhood friend Michelle, myself and 4 other friends (Lisa, Malissa, Allyson and Michelle) went together. Michelle is a Brad Paisley fan club member so she was able to get VIP seats for the 2 of us. Unfortunately fan club members are only able to purchase 2 tickets, so the other girls had lawn seats. However, as they were heading to the lawn, they were approached and told that if they sang a Brad Paisley song they could get an upgrade to seats. They then moved from the lawn to the 200 section level, not bad! Michelle and I had to pick up our tickets at will call and found out that we were in Row 9, YIPPEE!!! We parted from the others and made our way to the VIP seats. We were shown to our seats, which were in the section away from the catwalk. We sat down and waited for the show to get started.

Julianne Hough took to the stage first. I was already a huge fan of hers from Dancing With The Stars and am now becoming a big fan of her music. She sang a handful of her songs, my favorite being "That Song In My Head."

When Julianne had finished two ladies came and told us that we were in their seats. The usher was with them and she said that she has made a mistake and our seats were at actually the seats right next to the catwalk. There were no words to express how excited we were. We literally jumped for joy, hollering and screaming, like little kids in a candy shop.

Chuck Wicks took the stage after Julianne and again another great new artist. My favorite song of his is "Stealing Cinderella." Chuck was nice enough to shake our hands as he was leaving the stage.

Up next was Jewel, it's great seeing her break into the country music scene. She sang some new songs and some of her old ones. She even yodeled for us. My favorite new song of hers is "Stronger Woman In Me."

And finally the real reason we all came, BRAD PAISLEY!! Michelle and I were standing right at the catwalk and from about 5 feet away the man of the show came right up through the floor and started singing. Unfortunately when he was singing on the catwalk, we were behind him, but it was still an incredible site to have him so close to us! He sang so many of my favorite songs from "She's Everything" to "Wrapped Around" to "Online" and so many more. He probably played for about an hour and a half. I even took a video of him singing "Mr Policeman" (Greg - especially for you, as I know that you like this song a lot!). The quality is not too bad. And he debuted a new song, which I found the video on youtube. His sense of humor is so great and it really shows through his songs.

Here's my video I got from the show: Mr Policeman

And here is the new song that he debuted:

He wasn't much for shaking hands with the fans, but as he walked by I was able to touch is cowboy boots and pant leg.

Brad put on such an AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, FABULOUS, UNBELIEVABLE show. I can't wait until next summer when he comes back to town!

I thank Michelle so much for coming along with me, or I guess that I should say that I went with her, since she is the fan club member and we got these seats because of her! It was so much fun sharing her first country music concert with her and I look forward to many more. It's amazing that we have been friends since we were three and this was our first country concert together. We were talking and laughed about the fact that the last concert we went to together was back in junior high and we saw the New Kids On The Block. I look forward to seeing Brad again with her next year!

Enjoy the slide show of my pictures!


Kim said...

How cool to be that close. The only time I was that close was at a Bush concert and Gavin Rossdale literally sang in front of me. It was the highlight of my summer! It looked like a great show. I want to really listen to Julianne's songs because I really like her a lot!

TheFiveDays said...

Sounds like a lot of FUN!!! How cool that you got to be up so close! :)

How Life Is Measured said...

Looks like fun! In response to your comment. We met a TON of people from CA at the LPA convention. I couldn't believe how many people made it over! The Mallinson's are like, our new best friends and Sandy was awesome! I sat with a guy from LA at banquet tonight (Scott, no last name). Anywho - Nashville will be here before you know it!

Tonya said...

The concert looks like fun!! Having GREAT seats also helps, it he really as cute in person as he is in photos?

I can't wait to see you guys in Nashville!! Caty is so sweet, I thought I saw you at the conference but when I walked over there...I realized it wasn't you ;) I thought, Jamie made it! I thought she wasn't coming...I would have looked silly if I said something!

krayzie8s said...

Hi! Im watching Brad PAisley's concert this saturday. i was wondering if you could give me a heads up on which songs Julianne Hough and chuck wicks will sing? I already know Brad's setlist. I was just curious about those two? Do you rememebr? If you d, I would appreciate it if you can reply to this post. Thank you so much!

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