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Friday, November 22, 2013


September came around and to start off the weekend we were supposed to head to the cabin with my friend and college roommate Brandi but because of the RIM fire we stayed home.  This is what Pinecrest looked like...

This is the same lake as we'd seen in July :-(

So we headed out for a morning with Brandi and family at Lake Clementine outside of Auburn

Went in search of hear shaped rocks to let our cousins (Brooklin, Jon, Justin, Logan, Ryan and Landon) know that we were thinking of them)

Game night

Hanna and Cam the twinsies

Scott, our friend Malissa and I headed to SF to hear some bands play

The new Bay Bridge

Found Haight street

Murder By Death

Hanna and her bumblebee

Aloha Hop at school

Backyard fun

And of course a park stop


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