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Friday, November 22, 2013

July Happenings

Playing catch up this morning....

Some fun things we did this past July!

Ok well this first one isn't so fun but it still happened - hairline fracture for Hanna - thankfully the cast was only on for 3 weeks!

On the road to San Diego!

Spend the morning at Mission Bay (LPA friends coming to SD for Nationals - we'll probably try and plan a day here.  Sure the ocean is fun but it's so crowded and Mission Bay is so much calmer - hardly any waves, the kids can walk way out into the water....I think it'll be fun!)

4th of July fun with cousins

Went to the San Diego Zoo with Tutu (Scott's mom), Grandpa Mark, Christine (Scott's sister) and her two girls Delilah and Desiree, and Scott's Uncle Ed and his family were in CA visiting from Russia where they live

After leaving San Diego we headed to Aliso Viejo to spend a night with Scott's family

And thankfully the 3 weeks was up and the cast came off!

And the summer isn't complete without a trip to the cabin!

Gotta love that Pinecrest dirt!


And another NOT SO FUN but worthwhile event - new tubes for Caty

Backyard fun

Morning walks around the lake 

Boat selfie with all of us!!

Scooter and Plasma car fun with the whole crew!

Busy month we had!!


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