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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Christmas at Nana and Papa's

So I came back to my blog and realized that my last blog was a month and a half ago and that I had a draft just waiting for me.  That draft happens to be part 2 of our Christmas.  Holy smokes I'm behind.

Back to Christmas....

Hanna checking out Riley's Jake and the Neverland Pirates pirate ship

And watching gymnastic Dora do her exercises

Caty trying out Reese's slide

Hanna's turn

The 3 muskateers 

Yay all 4 of them together

Hanna and Nana

Riley's new princess dress

Caty is ready for Bunco

And Hanna will play Dora dominoes with you anytime

Reese's new ride on toy

Nana figuring out who's footprints are who's

Nana, Papa and their girls

Hanna's new cash register

Caty's ready to zip around on her new scooter

Caty reading to Riley

Cutest reindeer around


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