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Monday, January 28, 2013

Christmas Morning

Santa was very good to the girls....

Hanna got her Doc McStuffin Doctor doll and Lambie

And Caty got her tablet

Checking out their stocking goodies

Caty loves playing games...so first up Yahtzee

And Hanna for a "Where is Lalaloopsy" game

Caty's picture of us with Hanna's present from preschool

Some new books

And a tea set

Caty got a new clock radio that her ipod can plug into

Yeah for Lego Friends

2nd board game - The Game of Life

Hanna loves Team Umizoomi!

Not that you can tell but those are DS games in her hands

Daddy's present

Hanna's new Owl backpack

Me and my girls

Next up....the rest of Christmas day at my parents


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