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Thursday, December 20, 2012

A (kinda) Quick Glance at November

Gonna show you most of what happened in November in this one post....

Caty receiving an award

Family picture taken on my birthday

 Caty doing what she does best

Check out the static in Hanna's hair!!

BIG slide!!!

The girls swinging...

Thumbs up for our hats

Cam attacks!!

Making Thanksgiving Leaf Turkeys

Caty making our pasta sauce

Breakfast with friends

Me and my Hanna bear!!

Me and my Caty bug

Me and my love

Me and my college roommate and dear friend Brandi

Playdate at Riley Reh's house


The girls and my parents

Me and my mom

With Scott's dad

We made a "What We Are Thankful For..." tree
(check out Caty's in the top right corner)

And that would bring November to a close


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