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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My little goofball!

Hanna was having way too much fun with our Dora chair – she loved flipping over it!






001  003 004



Caty tried to take a turn but Hanna freaked out


Back to having fun!



Bobbie said...

Hi Jaime!
Thanks for stopping by my blog - I can't wait to get to our little guy! Your girls are sooooo adorable! Can hardly wait to go read more of your blog and see photos. :)
Hopefully I'll have more exciting things to write about soon - yippee!! And I'm sure I'll have lots of questions!

Kim said...

So darn cute! She had a blast entertaining herself. I'm laughing that she freaked out Caty took a turn. LOL. The pictures are super sweet and made me smile this morning.

Emily said...

This is too cute! Seamus and Grace have the Pottery Barn chairs and also find it hilarious to tip them over and crash to the floor. Hanna looks like she had a blast!

Greene Family said...

So cute!!! Hanna looks so proud in that picture of her standing up behind the chair with her arms in the air! Simon and Jude love doing the same with their little fire truck sofa!
BTW - love your new blog header of your adorable girls!!

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