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Monday, March 28, 2011

Birthday Fun!

We decided that this year Caty was going to have a small birthday party and not invite everyone under the sun that she knows.  She also decided that she was going to have a “girls only” party.  We tossed around the idea of going to Build-A-Bear but in order to have a birthday party there you need a minimum of 6 kids.  The bears start at $10 – and of course since each bear needs an outfit we were looking at more like $15 per child.  So we went with another route… JoAnns sell Build-A-Bear kits.  I returned a few times with my 40% off coupons so we ended up getting the bears for about $8 each – we bought a total of 6 bears.  Overall a pretty cheap idea for a party!

The birthday girl ready for her friends to show up


The yummy purple cupcakes –not that you can tell they are purple but she wanted the cupcake purple and not the frosting.

032 035

Opening presents


She got her very own digital camera


With Nana and Papa


With our 6 year old


With Kylie and Aubrey – these girls all met when they started preschool together when they were 3.


Joined by Natalie, Nana and Jinx – Natalie loves Jinx and wanted him in the picture.  Nana tried ducking out of the picture but obviously that didn’t work


Stuffing their bears


Kylie stuffing hers


Caty getting some help from Nana


Natalie stuffing her bear


Aubrey with hers


My Caty bug!


While Nana and I sewed up the bears, the girls did some Build-A-Bear coloring pages

054 055 056

Hanna joining in on the coloring

057 058 059

Time to dress their bears

060 061 062

All done!


Time for presents – a new Tangled book to read


Didn’t get pictures of the other presents but she got 2 Barbies (which she absolutely loved and now sleeps with at night).


Cupcake time!


“Happy Birthday to you…”


Hanna loved the cupcake – but with no frosting – see how it’s kinda purple – actually more lavender, because I ran out of blue food coloring so we went with what we got.


Caty and Nana working on her headband.


Thanks to all of you that sent birthday wishes to our Caty!!


Lyla Our Little Miracle said...

What great pics! Ur "Caty Bug" is soooooo Gorgeous! How fabulous that she has friends from preschool. It looks like she had an amazing bday! Best wishes for many more great birthdays! Xoxo

Emily said...

What a great idea for a party! You are awesome with your 40% coupons! It looks like it was so much fun. Seamus and Grace say "Happy Birthday Caty!" (Oh, and they also asked if it was possible for me to put them in a cardboard box and mail them to California so they could play at your house. So keep an eye out for the UPS man!)

Katie Jaye said...

Caty looks fabulous in her birthday outfit! I think the "girls only" Build-a-Bear party is a fantastic idea! All the girls look like they are having a really nice time. And those cupcakes looked so yummy. You definitely know how to top that icing on generously! :-)

Caden and Mommy said...

Oh Caty is Six! I can't deal ... She is seriously one of the cutest, sweetest Six year olds I have seen. You are doing a GREAT job Momma :0)
What a fun idea for a birthday party with the bears. We are so alike .... I would have done the same things with the coupons and kept going back and back and back.
Love that she was opininated on the purple cupcakes and white frosting ... and her swirly candles are fun!

Greene Family said...

Beautiful birthday girl - love her party outfit!! Love that first picture of Caty with the balloons!!
Her "girls only" party looks like tons of fun, and how great that you were able to get the Build-A-Bear kits at JoAnn's (I would have kept going back with my coupons too!)! It looks like all of the girls had a blast, and the three of them look like they will be lifetime friends!
Happy Happy Birthday Caty!!

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