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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

LPA Valentine’s Party

We had our chapter Valentine’s Party this past Saturday and the weather was PERFECT!!! 

Some Bay Area friends, Shawna and her girls Joscalynne and Airah made the drive to spend the afternoon with us.  Caty had so much fun playing with them. 

Caty and Airah


Caty and Jos


My dear friend Cheryl and her two kids, Jordan and Alannah joined us for the day.  They were helpers at the craft tables as well as outside while the kids were playing and us parents were having a Regional Planning meeting.  Thanks to Cheryl who offered to take pictures during the day. 


Caty and Alanna


Working on their pillowcases…I’ll have to get a picture of the finished product and post it. 


Jordan, Caty and Alannah


Outside for some fun!


Jordan being goofy

005 006

Getting some help from Jordan

008 011 012    

Making bookmarks

033 034

Jordan and one of his many silly faces


Caty and her heart that Jordan made her


The girls being silly


Here comes Aidan

039 040

And Caty


045 050 051 052

High 5’s for Jordan

060 069 070 073 079 080


Nana and Hanna hanging out – because Caty was so busy with her friends, my mom got some uninterrupted Hanna time, which never happens!


Such a fun day we had!  We loved sharing our LPA family with Cheryl and the kids. 

Looking forward to the next event, which will be in April and hosted by the Chase family. 


Melisa said...

I think Aidan has forgotten how to smile!

Lyla Our Little Miracle said...

Hi Jaime thank u so much for the warm welcome. Caty and Hannah are beautiful. I look forward to blogging with u although I am new to the blogger world and still learning. I love the pics of the LPA Valentine event. Looks like u had fun. Ttyl

Dizzydooty said...

So many happy and smiling faces... really warms my heart. Thanks for sharing. =)

Emily said...

Such a fun party! Love all those great pics! Looking forward to some of our chapter events this year, we might have to hit you up for some ideas!!

Greene Family said...

What a beautiful day and fun party! Love all of these adorable photos! The kids all look like they had a blast, and I bet your mom really enjoyed the uninterrupted Hanna time!
It's so nice that you guys have an LPA Valentine's party and Easter party (we don't have either with our chapter . . . maybe I need to step up and host an Easter party this year or next).

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