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Friday, December 10, 2010

Flashback Friday

I came across these pictures while searching for a Flashback pic.  This is one of the first times we got together with Aidan and Melisa Chase.  The Chase’s live about 20 minutes from us and the kids are only 6 weeks apart in age.  It’s hard to believe that we first met with the kids were just a few months old. 

DSC01967 DSC01962

And here they are today – 5 years old. 

caty and aidan


Caden and Mommy said...

Precious! Absolutely adorable! You guys are lucky you are so close to eachother :0)

Emily said...

Oh my goodness!!! Those two babies are just sooooo cute together! And now to see them all grown up...equally as cute!

Kristie said...

Too cute!!! You are so lucky that you are so close to each other.

Melisa said...

Ahhhh! Sweet. Thanks for sharing. Fabulous that they live so close to each other. They will forever be friends!

Kim said...

OMG! I love it! This is the cutest Flashback Friday! Double the cuteness. What's amazing is how fast time has gone. How are the kids all FIVE?

Yiannakis Family said...

Unbelievably cute!! I love all the friends we've made thru our children!

Greene Family said...

Love those baby pictures - so sweet and major cuteness!! They are so adorable at 5 years old now too, and I bet they will always be friends!

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