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Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Trip to Nana and Papa’s

The girls and I headed down to spend a weekend with my parents back at the beginning of the February.  It was right after my mom had surgery on her wrist, so  we headed down to help out around the house. 
Hanna being cute
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Caty got to help Papa plant some flower – she LOVED it – got extremely filthy! 
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Check out those hands!
078 081
I took advantage of the beautiful, sunny day and spent some time photographing the girls. 
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Peek-a-boo Hanna!
My Sweet-Heart
094 096 097 098 103
This is the face that I got when I said SMILE!!
105 107 113
Caty’s turn!
116 117 118 121 
Me and my girls
125 126
Nana and Papa and their girls!
129 133 135
The girls with Nonni and Nonno – family friends who are like grandparents to us
After dinner Caty made up a game for us to play – her directions were “use your spoon and don’t let the orange fall on the floor.”  She loved it!


Emily said...

Gorgeous pictures! I love Caty's pigtails. Seeing all those beautiful flowers is making me excited for spring!

Yiannakis Family said...

Oh wow, where to start on all of the gorgeous pictures Jaime??? I love how Caty posed for you in her pictures and the one of you with both of the girls is beautiful! Looks like a fabulous weekend and I'm very envious of the sunny weather you are having. Can't wait for spring around here!

Greene Family said...

Beautiful pictures!! Caty and Hanna are so sweet and just adorable! Love Caty's posing and the picture of Hanna when you told her to smile! Beautiful picture of the three of you too! I can't wait to have nice warm weather and to plant flowers (our winter seems never ending)! Caty looks like she had a blast helping her Papa!

Destini said...

What great pictures! I'm so jealous of all that sunshine!

The Wymer Clan said...

What's that green stuff in the background of your pictures? Grass? Oh how I miss that! :o) Great pics, so jealous of the warm weather...

Melisa said...

You got some great pictures of the girls!

Lisa said...

What great pictures. LOVE IT! Glad to see how much fun you guys have been having. I too was jealous of the warm-weather pics.

Kim said...

I ma now so ready for spring after this post! Those flower pictures were gorgeous. It appears Caty had a great time helping Papa. They got really dirty but she will love to see how much they have grown next time she visits. I love all the pictures of the girls. Hanna's outfit with the hat is precious. her smile is just precious. And Caty's pigtails-LOVE THEM! She looks positively adorable! I cannot get over how much the girls look like you! Glad to see you had an awesome time!

Melissa Swartley said...

Great pictures! Looks like Caty had so much fun planting those pretty flowers and getting nice and dirty! The pictures that you snapped of the girls outside are beautiful! Hanna is getting big so fast! I see lot's of Caty in her too! I totally can't wait until all this snow melts and we have warmer temps so I can get some great outdoors time in with the girls!

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