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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hanna vs Caty

Hanna is growing like a weed right before our eyes.  It’s amazing!  It’s  hard not comparing Caty and Hanna as they each grow, or not grow in Caty’s case.  Hanna is outgrowing clothes right and left – Caty can wear the same outfit for a year or more sometime.  I’m curious as to when Hanna will pass Caty up – maybe a year from now or a little longer. 
Today I was changing Hanna’s diaper and her hand almost ended up in something that would not have been good!  I never had to worry about that with Caty because her arms wouldn’t reach that far. 
As for milestones, Hanna is right now track.  There is a separate milestone chart for Achondroplasia kids – and Caty always seemed to reach those on the early end. 
Hanna holding her head up - trying to at 9 weeks
Doing a great job at 15 weeks
Caty trying at about 11 weeks
Doing a great job at about 15 weeks
Hanna sitting well in her Bumbo seat – 4 months033
Caty sitting in her Bumbo seat – about 9 months
Hanna smiling at about 6 weeks
Caty smiling at about 8 weeks
185 - smiling at you

And just some other pictures while I’m actually posting a blog because who knows when I’ll get the chance again!
Hanna and Nana
Caty and Daddy taking their naps
Smiling in her sleep
My girls!
A few more from our Labor Day weekend at the cabin
Smore face!
With my brother and our girls
Auntie Erin and Hanna
Caty and Riley
Uncle Todd and Hanna
Me and my Hanna
Riley crying
Hanna crying
Finally two happy girls!
Down at the lake

Caty having a BLAST at the lake!


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Kim said...

Testing! Hope my comment comes through! love the pictures of the girls. Wow thre is such a resemblance between them as babies. There are some advantages to the shorter arms and legs! I love all these new pictures. Especially the one of Caty with the smores face!

Stiber Family said...

Wow hanna is growing so fast. She is adorable! And Caty looks like she loved those smores!

Kasia and Amelia said...

What a great documentary comparing pictures of the two girls, I love it. They are both so sweet, so unique, and precious. Hanna is growing so fast! Best wishes!

Anthea said...

What great photos. I can't believe how quickly Hanna seems to be growing. Good to hear that all is well.

Emily said...

What a cool post...the girls look so similar as babies! Same big beautiful eyes. The weekend at the cabin must have been a blast!

Alex said...

Great pcitures! They are both so cute and Kim is right, they do look alike!
I always think of when we will have a third baby and wonder how long Anaïs will get to be the "bigger" sister. :)

Greene Family said...

Adorable pictures - love this post!! You have a beautiful family, and I love seeing all of the similarities between Caty and Hanna! Hanna seems to be growing so fast! I love it when babies/kids smile and laugh in their sleep!
Jason and I were looking at pictures the other day - the newborn outfits that Jude is wearing, Simon was wearing at 6 months old. It will be interesting to see when Jude hits milestones in comparison to Simon.

Katie said...

Great pictures, you have a BEAUTIFUL family!!! I know what you mean, Cole's hands were not an issue with diapers either. I love how kids are each so different.

Melissa Swartley said...

Great pictures! The comparisons are soooo cute! I have similar pictures of my 3 girls too! Unfortunately, Sonya can reach into her diaper! Too funny! I love Caty's smores face!!! Adorable!

Rosie said...

The girls look so much alike in the baby pictures... I loves the pictures that you posted that were from labor day weekend.

TheFiveDays said...

Adorable pictures, I love the ones of Riley and Hanna crying alternately...hahaha!

You have such beautiful girls...I loved seeing the pictures of baby Caty! They are definitely sisters!

Looking forward to seeing you guys as soon as we get rid of the latest cold... ;)


Mike said...

It was hysterical this weekend watching my niece who was born a week before Caitlin being able to reach all the way across the table and grab things that Caitlin would never come close too - I forget how easy it was for ah kids to do that, since it's been 4 years since Evan was that age!

My sister used to actually feel guilty sharing with us about some of Lindsey's milestones because she knew Caitlin was on her own path - we had to convince her it was completely okay to send us pictures and stories, that we understood they were different and didn't feel bad about it... Fortunately she did get over it, and now it's interesting to compare the two and get a really close view of what the differences are!

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