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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tag, I'm It!!!

I've been tagged by Jennifer W (Ethan), Alex (Anais), Jill (JD) and Jennifer G (Simon). So, here goes . . .

10 Years Ago, I . . .
1. Had just met Scott and we started dating
2. Was still in college - good old Chico State!
3. Traveled to Montana for my cousin's wedding - Brooklin, has it been that long?
4. Spent a lot of time at the bars (good old Chico State, it wasn't named Biggest Party School for nothing)
5. Loved spending time at the Crazy Horse Saloon in Chico (yahoo for country bars!)

5 Things on Today’s To-Do List . . .
1. Take a walk with Caty to playgroup
2. Collect some leaves on our way home for a Fall Collage
3. Probably play Candy Land with Caty (her favorite game at this point in time)
4. Get my LPA stuff together for an officers meeting Saturday morning
5. Take a much needed nap!

5 Things I would do if I were a Millionaire . . .
1. Sell our house and buy a MUCH bigger one - 1200 sq ft just doesn't cut it
2. Ensure Caitlyn's future (college, etc.)
3. By a brand new car, don't even know what, just a new one, all of mine have been used
4. Pay off our debt
5. Travel

5 Places I have lived . . .
1. Redwood City, CA (same house from birth until I moved away for college)
2. Chico, CA (I lived in so many apartments - I count about 5 different ones)
3. Rocklin, CA
4. Antelope, CA
5. ............

5 Jobs I’ve had . . .
1. Summer Day Camp Counselor
2. Nanny
3. Preschool Teacher
4. Mommy
5. ............

Alright, so I believe that most of the LP moms and also Mike have been tagged, except for one some of you might not have met, Erica. Along with her I tag a few of my other blogging friends - Michelle, Tamie, and Jill Stiber .


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