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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Another Park Day

Caty and I took a walk over to the park yesterday and I wanted to share some pictures with you! Her doll Abby had to come with us and Caty was being a great big sister to her, helping her swing, slide and even helped her with counting, which I got on video. It was warm out, however I don't know how many more "warm" park days we'll have as fall is definitely setting in. Enjoy!

Pushing Abby on the swing


Helping Abby on the bars

I asked where she was driving too and she said "somewhere"


A slide that she can actually do by herself - it's about as slow as they come

Climbing through the tunnel

Walking about the bumpy bridge

Look at the static!

Teaching Abby to count


Alex said...

she is so adorable!!! I love that little smile that she always has on her face!

Destini said...

That video is too much!!! Trace came running across the room and watched it three times - he was even counting along! Caty is growing up, great pictures of her playing with her doll!

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