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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Trip #1 to the cabin


My family has a cabin in beautiful Pinecrest, CA and so far this summer we have made two trips up there. Pinecrest is located in the Stanislaus National Forest about 30 miles east of Sonora. The cabin was originally bought by my grandparents (on my dad's site) back in the 60's I believe. After my grandpa passed away in 1996 and my grandma in 2000, my dad, his brother Bill and sister Claudia took over. We are very fortunate to have this wonderful cabin to visit.

Our first trip up this summer was only for a 1 night stay but we had a great time. My Aunt Barbara and Uncle Bill were out from Montana, as well as my cousin Jon and his wife Brooklin and their three boys - Justin, Logan and Ryan. Jon and Brooklin had not seen Caitlyn since she was just 3 months old. They live in Whitefish Montana and do not get out to California often or us back there. We drove up on Saturday morning and came home on Sunday afternoon. Barbara's dad, Joe, was also there as well as some other cousins (from Barbara's side), Chris, Wendy and their two boys - Giovanni and Dante. Caitlyn has a blast playing with the boys even though she wasn't too sure of some of their games. She had never played Ninja Warrior before, although the boys decided that she could be the Ninja Princess - very suiting. She got VERY VERY dirty because Pinecrest dirt is the best! We spent some time at the lake and made SMORES by the bon fire. It was a wonderful visit. We sure wish that Jon, Brooklin and the boys lived closer - love you guys!

Caty and Justin gathering pinecones for the bon fire

Playing Army with the boys

Playing ball - they all thought this was hilarious - she would throw the ball at them as they swung in the hammock

Caty and Ryan at the beach

Jon teaching the boys how to properly roast marshmallows (notice where his marshmallow is - you guessed it - he burned a couple)

Daddy helping Caty - a much better placement of the marshmallow

Before SMORES...

After SMORES!!!!!!!!

Caty and me

Caty, Justin and Logan


Kim said...

I love these pictures as I commented on your Facebook profile. Also I must say what a gorgeous cabin! Has it been remodeled? It looks so cozy and fun! I'm glad you guys have such a great place to visit.

Destini said...

That sounds so fun! I love the before and after Smore's pictures, Caty is just too cute for words! Hopefully you get to spend some more time "camping"!

mandymomof2 said...

I love the camping layout. You are so creative. So glad you had a good time camping. I love the s'mores pictures. Caty is so cute.

Katie said...

What a great cabin! Looks like a fun place to visit!!

The A Team said...

looks like you guys had fun!! i LOVE your background!!

Caden and Mommy said...

What a great time! That is so neat you have a cabin like that in your family ... fun memories!
I love the pictures of Caitlyn! Priceless! She is so darn cute!

Becky said...

Looks like a great time! Neat background. You always have neat new backgrounds. I really like the pics, especially the one of Caty entertaining all the boys! :) TOO CUTE!

TheFiveDays said...

LOL...love the "AFTER" smores shot!!!

Kristina said...

You write very well.

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