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Saturday, August 23, 2008

I'm off to see another concert

Since we live near Sacramento, we are lucky enough that our state fair comes to town every August. They always have a HUGE line-up of FREE concerts set for each night - yes I said FREE. This year playing at the fair are artists such as: Smashmouth, the Doodlebops, Weird Al" Yankovic, Natasha Bedingfield, Air Supply, Vanessa Hudgens, Chicago, Jessica Simpson, and many others. But tonight is my night - country rocker Gary Allan. I have never seen him in concert and am really excited about tonight. My friend Malissa is coming with me, but first we (as in Scott, Caitlyn, Scott's dad Ralph (grandpa) Malissa and myself will spend some time at the fair. We mentioned going to the fair to Caitlyn and she said "I want to see the animals and play some games and ride on a ride." Now we have never really talked about the fair, let along taken her to the fair, yet she knew what was there. We do have a My Little Pony book about them going to the fair, so I am wondering if she got her info from the book. My child never ceases to amaze me.

Anyways... Malissa and I will part ways with everyone and head to the concert. You ask why aren't we all going - well Scott dislikes country music very much (to put it nicely) and Caty just isn't ready for her first concert yet. One of these days she'll come with me and with such a cute child, who knows maybe we'll end up with someones cowboy hat.

I am so excited about tonight show!!


Alex said...

I am not a country music lover myself, but have a good time!!!! :)

Mike said...

I was totally with Scott until I spent almost three years working for Buck Owens as the lighting guy for the Crystal Palace... Now, while I still may not own much country, at least I can listen to it without having to run and hide! LOL... Hope you enjoyed it!

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