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Monday, April 7, 2008


So yesterday Caitlyn started in with the why questions. For example - she and I went to Subway for dinner. We were sitting near the door which was open and the ceiling fans were running (we had really nice weather today). I was wearing shorts and my legs got cold so I started rubbing them. She asked "Mommy, why are your rubbing your legs?" And I answered "because they are cold." "Why are they cold?" "Because the door is open and the fans are blowing air." "Why is the door open?" "Because it's so nice out today." "Oh." And that was the end of it. I couldn't help but laugh. Sometimes she would ask me just one "why" question and then say "oh" other times we would go through 5 or 6 questions before the "oh" answer came. Another example, and this one is pretty funny - tonight she asked me to video tape her climbing up her step stool to turn the bathroom sink on. So I grabbed the camera and I got ready to tape her, then she asked me "why are you taping me?" I answered "because you asked me to." "Oh."

Here is a parenting link that talks about ASKING WHY

So it says that kids start in on this new adventure when they are around 3, and Caitlyn just turned 3 three weeks ago. Now when will it stop? Probably never with as inquisitive Caitlyn is.


Kim said...

Oh I cannot wait until Preston can talk in full sentences. I am sure I will regret that when he learns the word "why."
Thank you for sharing.

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