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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Caitlyn is 100%...........

POTTY TRAINED!!! She's in her 3rd night without wearing a diaper. What a relief it is to have her out of them. Our only problem is now, how to teach her to pull her panties down. As a little person having arms that just don't reach is causing some issues. Any of your other parents of little people have any suggestions?

For the longest time we had her potty on the ground, which my dad built a step stool for her to get onto the potty. It just wasn't tall enough for her to be able to sit herself down and scoot back. So we were always helping her. We finally moved the top of the potty to the actual toilet, because she would literally pee 15 times a day. We were tired of the whole emptying out process. We'll since she's become potty trained we moved her potty seat back to the floor and tried the step stool out again - still couldn't do it. So we just used one of her plastic ones and there was success. She is now able to get up there, do her business and be done. We have 2 issues to overcome though - 1)pulling the panties down by herself - I think she's going to be wearing A LOT of dresses now that the weather is warm so we only have one layer to work on getting down - and 2) she won't go in by herself and go. So we've got a few things to work on and hopefully soon enough she'll be going completely on her own. But I can't complain - it's wonderful to tell people that "my 3 year old is potty trained."

(these pictures were taken in Dec 2006 - when we first started
"trying out" the potty)


Kim said...

I am SOOOO jealous! I am looking forward to a diaper free life. I have started trying tot rain, but figure once the weather gets warmer it may get easier!
Congrats to Caty! So amazing!

Tonya said...


How proud you must be! Now, call mommy and daddy EVERYTIME you go potty!!! Great Job!!

How Life Is Measured said...

Yay Caitlyn! She's so cute! What a milestone!

Sarah and Matt said...

I am jealous too! My 2 year old, William, is not even close :( Way to go Caitlyn! Very exciting news.

Jennifer said...

Yay Caitlyn. Good job. Dresses are a great idea. As to the rest...I haven't a clue. Lots of luck!

TheFiveDays said...

Good for you, Caitlyn!!! That's fantastic! :)

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