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Friday, September 7, 2012

Flashback Friday - September 7th 2012


We were invited by some friends of our to join them for a weekend in Arnold, CA.  They are members of a winery in Murphy's CA called the Broll Mountain Winery and we joined the at a wine release party then spent the weekend hanging out and having fun


Hanna being a "helper"

Caty and I went to KNCI's Country in the Park featuring Dierks Bentley - met Melisa and Aidan there


Weekend trip to the cabin and our first time meeting our niece Riley

Caty driving the boat

My niece Riley

You'll see a pattern from here on out ....


Weekend at the Cabin - joined by some of our LPA friends

Caty and Aidan

Caty and Sarah

Caty, Sarah, Isabel and Ashleigh


Weekend at the Cabin....see our pattern?

This next picture is from this years Labor Day weekend trip but had to throw it in...check out Caty's shirt above and this one of Hanna

(still loving the Tonka truck in 2012)



Yep, we're here again!!


Finally stopping the pattern and not taking a trip to Pinecrest around the weekend of Sept 7th!


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