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Monday, April 16, 2012

Simple Woman’s Daybook – April 16th 2012

For today – April 16th 2012

Outside my window… the sun is shining!!  So happy for the beautiful weather that we’re going to have all week – even will hit 80*

I am thankful for… the fact that I am now watching a new baby.  Cameron is 3.5 months old and this is my 2nd week watching her - hence why I haven’t blogged recently.

In the kitchen… there are dishes waiting in the sink to be washed – might as well do them after lunch because I’m sure I’ll have more once I make lunch.

I am wearing… capri’s and a t-shirt

I am creating… some blog posts (in my head).  Just realized that I never even blogged about Caty’s birthday party. 

I am going to… make some cupcakes with the girls this afternoon – today is Scott’s birthday.

I am reading… Nothing as of right now

I am hoping… to catch up on blogs soon!

I am hearing… Hanna playing on the ipod and Nolan (my afterschool kindergartner) rummaging around in his crayon box and just a couple of “waking-up” noises coming from Cameron. 

Around the house… see above – that’s what’s going on. 

A few plans for the rest of the week… celebrating Scott’s bday with cupcakes tonight, preschool registration for Hanna is tomorrow (how is it even possible that we’re signing her up for preschool?) as well as Girls Scouts tomorrow night, McTeacher night at McDonald’s with Caty’s school on Wednesday, not much on Thursday, Caty and Scott are going to the Rivercats  (Sacramento’s AAA baseball team) on Friday with Caty’s school -  and a bday party for Hanna’s best friend Claire on Saturday.  GEEZ!!!  What a busy week!!

A picture that I’m sharing… Hanna helping me make some cookies



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