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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Caty the 1st Grader…

School started on August 10th for Caty and she couldn’t have been more excited.  To say that she loves school is an understatement.  Scott and I are both so happy that she enjoyed it so much. 

On the Friday before school started, the class lists were posted.  We were thrilled that Caty would be in the same class as her friend Kylie and Aubrey – the girls have been together since they started preschool at age 3.

Caty and Kylie at Caty’s 4th birthday party


Caty and Aubrey


When we saw the lists, we also found out that Caty would have two teachers this year.  Mrs Buettner and Mrs Olcomendy have been team teaching for 7 years now.  I got a call from Mrs Buettner on that same Friday night and we chatted about close to half and hour.  We set up a meeting for the day before school started, just to make sure that everything was ready for Caty and for us to all meet in person.

All ready to go!!

 022 023

Waiting for us to leave


Proud to be an Antelope Meadows Wildcat


Loves her homework


And just after 2 weeks into the school year she already knew all of the 100 sight words for 1st grade. 


Have a wonderful school year Caty bug!!


Kerri said...

what an overachiever!! ;) What will she do the rest of the year since she already knows all 100 words?? What a sweetie, hope my girls love school too!

Emily said...

Caty, it looks like the year is off to a fantastic start! Seamus is right behind you...hooray for first grade!

Destini said...

You go Caty! You'll be rockin' gifted like Taylor before you know it!

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