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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Simple Woman’s Daybook – September 21th 2010

FOR TODAY – September 21st
Outside my window...  the sun is shining and the birds are singing. 
I am thinking...  about Amber and how very sad it is that her 5 month old son passes away over the weekend.  RIP sweet Connor.
I am thankful for... how healthy Caty has been; she’s followed by an incredible team of dwarfism specialists. 
I am wearing... exercise pants and t-shirt
I am creating... something for my niece-to-be Desiree (Scott’s sister is due in a month.)
I am going... have a busy couple weeks spent at the drs in the end of Oct/early Nov.  Hanna is going to be having her tear ducts unclogged on Oct 29th and then less than 2 weeks later Caty is going to be having her tonsils and adenoids out on Nov 9th.  Fun times! 
I am reading... The Time Traveler's Wife – by Audrey Niffenegger
I am hoping... that after next Monday I can go back to wearing my contacts again – been having some issues with one of my eyes.  My vision is slightly blurry in my left eye, both with my contacts in and with my glasses on – but after having an eye exam my vision is still the same as it was.  The dr can’t figure out why the vision is blurry; my eye is perfectly healthy.  Told me to wear my glasses for 2 weeks and he’ll recheck it. 
I am hearing... Hanna going vroom vroom vroom with her matchbox car.
Around the house...   Hanna is vacuuming with her Elmo vacuum cleaner – yes she’s moved on from the car sounds – just wish that the vacuum actually worked!
One of my favorite things... is our LPA family!  I’m so thankful for each and every one of you! 
A picture that I am sharing... Caty doing her homework with Max the fish.   He’s the class pet and each child gets to bring him home for the night. 


Tomi Sue said...

That is so Funny ... Morgan got to bring home the "class" frog! He had to go everywhere with us. TOO funny.

Yiannakis Family said...

What a sweet post Jaime. We were just reflecting on how lucky we have been that Jaxson has been so healthy thus far as well. I am so blessed to have both my boys and for the "family" that Jaxson has introduced us to!
Please pass my condolences to your friend. I'm very sorry about Connor's passing.

Caden and Mommy said...

Love the class frog, how cute is that! Caty's hair is so cute, I love her natural highlights ... us adults pay big money for that :0)
Caden had to have a tear duct unclogged when he was about a year old, sounds so scary, but it went well for him! ... I will be sending lots of love for Caty's upcoming tonsil & adenoidectomy!
Hanna is getting SO big ... She is growing up, I cant believe she is walking all around, vacuuming, playing cars ... big girl stuff :0)
I hope your vision gets better soon ... what an inconvenience!
Such sad news about baby Connor ~ heartbreaking!

Greene Family said...

Caty is just adorable doing her homework with the class fish! Same here - so thankful for our LPA family!
It would be so nice if those toy vacuums actually vacuumed. I love hearing those vroom vroom noises.
We thought Jude was going to have to have his tear ducts unclogged, but his unclogged a few weeks before the deadline that they said they would send us to the opthamologist . . . we were told that it was a simple procedure. We'll be thinking of you guys and praying that everything goes smoothly for both Hanna and Caty and that Caty has a speedy recovery!
I'm so sorry to hear about Connor. We are praying for him and his loved ones.

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