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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Recipe of the Week

Mediterranean Chicken Pitas

There is no set amount of ingredients for this recipes - it just depends on how much you like each of them and how many you are serving. I'll put off to the side what we use and you can adjust for your family size

Tzatziki sauce (found in local grocery stores)
Diced Cucumbers (about 1/4 cucumber)
Diced Tomatoes (1 small roma tomato)
Diced Red Bell Peppers (1/2 red bell pepper)
Dices Avocado (1/2 avocado)
Diced Chicken, seasoned with a little salt and pepper (7 chicken tenderloins)
Caesar Salad Dressing (enough to coat chicken) (1/4 c)
Pita Pockets

Cook the diced chicken to about 80% done, add Caesar salad dressing and heat until the chicken is cooked through. When chicken is finished cooking, microwave pita pockets (so they are more pliable). Spread Tzatziki sauce on insides of pita, fill with ingredients. Enjoy.

With each of the chopped veggies, I put them into small bowls, which allows the one eating to use the veggies they want.

Let me know if you try them and what you think.


Emily said...

Thank you for posting new recipes! We take turns cooking, and when it's my week, I'm always looking for something new and yummy (and easy!) These look great.

Anonymous said...

Yum-O! This sounds really good. I'll have to try it.


Hope said...

That sounds so good! I may have to modify for Quentin he has food allergies - but I am going to try it...I think I should start posting recipes too....

Melissa Swartley said...

Sounds soooo good!!! I will give it a whirl for sure! I just posted my first recipe for everyone! This is such a great idea Jaime! I'll try to keep up with you posting more yummy stuff!

The Wymer Clan said...

Love this idea of yours. As soon as I get my recipe book back, I'll try and get on of our favs up too!

Bobbi said...

That sounds soooooo good! What a great way to share recipes, Jaime. I get so tired of fixing the same ole stuff, as I'm sure everyone else does. I'll look thru some of mine and try to post a family favorite soon.

Greene Family said...

Great idea to post recipes . . . I'll have to post one soon. The pitas sound yummy, so I'll have to give them a try soon!

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